Custom Metal Signs & Décor

Turn any design into a metal art piece that stands out. Steelish Designs can take any design and turn it into a metal ready file for your project with our in house graphic designers! 


About Our Custom Signs & Metal Décor

At Steelish Designs our custom metal signage and décor is custom designed, plasma cut from steel or aluminum and industrially powder coated.  We use only high quality stainless steel hardware and finishes for a piece that will last lifetimes.

You will work directly with a graphic designer and fabricator from start to finish. We are honest, responsive, and detail oriented. We can make custom metal signs and décor for your home, cabin, wedding, office, events, custom gifts, and more!

When you work with Steelish Designs for your custom metal sign and décor project, the opportunities are endless. We can use different materials and you can choose from hundreds of colors, or we can pick the colors that match your metal design. We can create flat metal signs and décor, LED lit signs and décor, or our favorite ones, 3D metal art with multiple layers.

Browse through the following metal sign and décor options to help you determine the best fit for your business needs:

  • Single Layer Metal Sign/Décor 

  • Single Layer Metal Sign/Décor with Back Panel (2 Layers)

  • LED Custom Metal Sign/Décor

  • Multi Layer Metal Sign/Décor

  • Individual Metal Lettering 

  • Multi Layer & Individual Layering

And so much more! Let us know about your next metal project and we will not disappoint. 


Custom Address Sign for a Cabin. This is a 2 layered metal sign

LED Metal Signs & Metal Décor 

All signs are crafted from stainless steel, cut on a precision plasma polished to a mirror finish, and back-lit with LED lights.

LED lights will be placed in individual fabricated 3D metal sign shell, only the back panel is lighted, amazing halo effect with reverse channel make your signs be the focus, both letters & logos could be custom LED backlit sign, widely be used outdoor or indoor. Fit for business (storefront, shop, office, restaurant, etc.), house, building, church, school, reception and wall.


Custom Multi-Layer Signs & Metal Décor 

Steelish Designs custom metal signs is what you need when looking to make a great first impression. Our metal fabricators and designers strive to create the highest quality signs in order to match your business brand. 

This multi layer sign features your logo, logo Icon, and/or lettering precisely cut out and layered off of the back panel to give depth and texture on our CNC Plasma table. Our designers take the time to analyze your custom art, design, logo and transform it into multi layer business sign that is sure to impress.


Single Layer Metal Signs & Metal Décor 

This metal sign option cuts out all lettering to expose the wall behind the business sign. It’s a simple design and the most cost effective, but still impactful.


At Steelish Designs we also offer single layer metal signs with a back panel. This adds a metal or wood panel of any color behind your metal business sign to provide added contrast. It adds depth and visual interest to the custom metal signs.. The front layers cast shadows on the back panel bringing the metal sign to life.


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Turn any design into a metal art piece that stands out. Steelish Designs can take any design and turn it into a metal ready file for your project with our in house graphic designers!