Custom Metal Panels

Steelish Designs offers interior and exterior custom modern metal panels for residential, hospitality, and corporate spaces. Every custom metal panel and privacy screen are made to order at our metal shop in Arizona. Our graphic design team can take any design and turn it into a metal-ready file for your project.


About Custom

Metal Panels

Our custom panels are custom made-to-order in any size up to 4 feet by 8 feet and are available in a variety of metal materials and powder coat finishes to meet your metal panel needs. Steelish Designs has hundreds of metal panel patterns ready for immediate fabrication, or clients may work with our in-house graphic designer to develop a custom design. 

Cutom Metal Panels and Privacy Screens 2.jpeg

Metal Panel Finishes

At Steelish Deisgns, we can do just about any color metal panel you want. (Candy colors, Matte colors, Semi-gloss color, and Full Gloss colors). We have a vast number of "Same Day" colors as well as the possibility to order custom colors. 

Powder coating is a long-lasting coating to brighten up metal and preserve it from the outdoor elements. It is a beautiful and durable finish when it is done right. 

Metal Panel Materials

We offer 3 types of metal with various thicknesses for our metal panels.

Choose between:​

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminum


Metal Panels Pattern Examples

Below are metal panel pattern examples for privacy, canopy, window, handrail, outdoor trellis, metal wall class, and more! If you do not see a pattern you like below, our graphic designer can create custom panel files.


Metal Panels Installation

We do NOT install any panels through Steelish Designs, but we have installer contacts with local Arizona companies to help install our metal panels. If you are interested in Installation we can get you a quote and schedule a time to install the metal panels once the project is completed by Steelish Designs. 

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