Custom Fabrication Projects, Custom Business Signs, Custom Metal Business Signs

Metal Services

Steelish Designs provides welding and plasma cutting services to industries in Mesa, Arizona and the global market. Whether you have logo art or prototype ideas our plasma cutting is fast, our plasma table, fabrication, prototyping, and welding services will move your project along.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Steelish Designs custom plasma cutting service offers a cost-effective on-demand fabrication solution for your sheet metal needs. We can provide instant pricing for any size fabrication run from low-volume prototyping to high-volume production. Our CNC plasma cutting capabilities enable us to work on stainless steel, carbon steel, and spring steel up to 4ft x 8ft & 1/2″ thick


Adding the CNC plasma cutter has given us the opportunity to expand our small component part capabilities, make custom mounts, brackets, signs, gates, doors, bumpers, fire rings and so much more. Many variables are considered when pricing our plasma cutting services, such as type and amount of material. Please contact us with your project details and we’ll get you a price estimate fast. Next time you need a 2D piece cut out of sheet metal, give Steelish Designs a call.

Our CNC plasma cutter can cut metals such as:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Other Specialty Metals

We can rapidly produce high temperatures making it quicker to cut metals, getting the job done in one-fourth the amount of time it takes other cutting machines. The process does not require a preheating treatment before cutting materials, saving time and energy.

Plasma Cutting Applications:

Auto parts, motorcycle parts, steel service centers, machinery manufacturing, robot parts, aircraft components, signs, trays, panels, custom metal fabrication, shipbuilding, metal brackets, parts of heavy machinery, panels, and more.

Custom Fabrication Projects, Custom Business Signs, Custom Metal Business Signs
Custom Fabrication Projects, Custom Business Signs, Custom Metal Business Signs


When you’re looking for exceptional results on your unique fabrication project, know that Steelish Designs is here to deliver nothing short of perfection! We can fabricate just about anything, using such materials as steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and more to deliver custom value-added products that we manufacture for your particular purposes. At our state-of-the-art shop in Mesa, Arizona, our experienced fabrication professionals can turn your project into reality.

Prototype Fabrication
When you’re ready to get your ideas off the drawing board or computer screen and into the real world for testing or presenting to an investor, or if you just need a custom part for a machine, Steelish Designs can make it to match your specifications exactly.

Residential Fabrication

When you want something unique for your home, Steelish Designs can bring your ideas to reality. Whether you’re planning decorative gates or fences, custom kitchen countertops, railings, or an elegant pergola, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

In the metalworking industry, Steelish Designs know that precision makes a difference between success and failure. Knowing this, we are committed to providing quality service that generates the results you need. Our fabricators are highly skilled, so when you work with us you collaborate with professionals who are committed to your complete satisfaction.



Welding requires a high level of skill and experience. At Steelish Designs, we have both. Steelish Designs has significant expertise and modern equipment to handle your most demanding needs.  With our vast knowledge of welding and fabrication, we can ensure the proper technique is used to produce a quality product at an efficient cost. Our certified welders are experienced craftsmen capable of welding the most complex assemblies out of a variety of material types and thicknesses. We work closely with customers to understand their exact needs and are able to cost-effectively engineer weld fixtures to achieve precise alignment and maintain tight tolerances. With an unrivaled level of detailed workmanship, our highly skilled craftsmen take pride in consistently producing the highest quality weldments and assemblies, cost-effectively and on time, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Metals We Work With

We specialize in welding all types of metal including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. Whether the job is fabricating something new or just a repair Steelish Designs can do it! We provide exceptional service and value on welding done in our shop and mobile welding services throughout Arizona.

General Welding Repairs

​We provide general welding repair and portable welding repair services for items such as automotive needs, trailers, heavy-duty equipment, chairs, lamps, grills, lawnmowers, furniture, gates, security doors, and much more.​

Specialized Welding
We also offer specialized welding services for commercial and industrial applications including automotive parts, gates, fences, pipes, metal framing, new construction, and renovation

Custom Fabrication Projects, Custom Business Signs, Custom Metal Business Signs